Two New KX030s

28th September 2021

Two new Kubota KX030 mini excavators at Didcot PlantToday we have taken delivery of two new Kubota KX030-4 3.0t mini excavators.

The Kubota KX030-4 offers power, performance and driver comfort in a compact excavator.

It features a powerful and well-balanced arm and bucket and is fitted with Kubota’s own engine, built with the power to maximise digging performance. The spacious, expansively glazed and well appointed cab, which Kubota claim to be the biggest in its class, gives the operator a comfortable and safe working environment.

The KX030’s designers have also given good thought to maintenance by fitting a fully opening access door and hood to allow for quick and easy access to all inspection and maintenance areas.

Check out the KX030-4 in our catalogue »