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New Portable Masonry Saws

New portable masonry saws available for hire from Didcot Plant

Today we have updated our portable masonry saw bench fleet with the addition of the Clipper CM42.

This 110v bench saw is a strong, reliable, extremely user friendly machine, ideal for the intermittent wet and dry cutting of a wide variety of small masonry materials, concrete products, roof tiles etc, and can be used with 350mm/14″ diameter diamond blades, giving a maximum cut of 90mm deep and 600mm long.

For more information and to hire a masonry saw, go to the Clipper CM42 in our hire catalogue »

2018 has been a big year for us for major plant purchases. Since the turn of the year we have added:

  • 12 no. Excavators (3 x 0.8t, 5 x 1.5t, 3 x 3.0t & 1 x 6.0t)
  • 5 no. Dumpers (2 x track barrow, 1 x 1.0t, 1 x 3.0t & 1 x 6.0t)
  • 6 no. 5/3 ½ Diesel Mixers

We have also added 19 no. petrol engine items (including 9 x compactor plates, 3 x 6kva generators & 3 x 18” floor saws).

These additions have been inspired by customer demand and the desire to offer the best kit possible.

Kubota KX030-4 3.0tonne Excavator

Today we have taken delivery of our first two of Kubota’s brand new KX030-4 3.0t mini excavator. The KX030-4 is Kubota’s base 3.0t machine and replaces the perennially popular KX71-3.

As well as offering Kubota’s world-renowned combination of power and performance, the KX030-4 boasts the biggest, most comfortable cab in its class, providing excellent visibility thanks to the expansive glazing.

As with the previous model, the KX030-4 utilises Kubota’s excellent chip-key anti-theft system. This system makes each individual machine impossible to start without its dedicated key and almost eliminates entirely the risk of theft.

The KX030-4 is just 1500mm wide, 2420mm high and can dig to a depth of 2870mm.

Check out the Kubota 3tonne mini excavator in our hire catalogue.

Manitou MT625 Telescopic forklift with re-handling bucket

We can now offer our Manitou MT625 Telescopic forklifts with a 1829mm wide, 0.80 cu metre heaped capacity re-handling bucket. This can go instead of or as well as the standard forks.

Check out the Manitou MT625 in our hire catalogue.

Indirect Heaters Join Our Range

Master BV77E Indirect Diesel Oil Heater Available for Hire from Didcot Plant

Today we have added a new line to our range in the form of the Master BV77E 68,000Btu Indirect diesel fired heater.

The BV77E is designed to provide high volume clean, dry and fume free warm air.

It is ideally suited for events tents, exhibition, food preparation or retail areas as well as warehousing and offices.

By using the flexible ducting and thermostat supplied warm air is spread around easily and the area heated is temperature controlled.


New Volvo Excavators available from Didcot Plant

Today we took delivery of two new Volvo excavators in the shape of an EC55C 6t and an ECR88D 9t.

When a 3t machine won’t quite cut it the 6t Volvo EC55C is what you need. It offers the full package of power, performance and comfort, while still being compact enough for the majority of sites.

The 9t Volvo ECR88D is a compact, short swing radius excavator, ideal for when you need something a bit beefier. It provides high performance, excellent control and low fuel consumption along with driver comfort.

Check out the full spec of both machines via our excavator catalogue page.

Two New 6t Dumpers

This summer we have added two new Thwaites 6t dumpers, one a straight tip and one a power swivel.

The Thwaites 6t is the largest dumper we run and heads up a dumper fleet that starts with skip loading tracked barrows and includes 1t skip loaders, 2t straight tips, 2t swivels, 3t straight tips and 3t swivels.

See the full range of our dumpers available for hire »

Telehandlers at the Double

Telehandler Telescopic Forklifts available for hire from Didcot PlantSince adding the Manitou MT625 6.0m telescopic forklift to our range in December demand has been strong so we’ve added two more.

The MT625 is a compact telehandler (1.92m in height and 1.81m wide) allowing it to easily get around site and under height restricted areas. It has a lifting capacity of 5.85m and 2500kg.

Its Kubota diesel engine is optimised for exceptionally low fuel consumption, while providing enough power to carry out the jobs in hand.

New Hi-Tip Barrow

Hi-Tip Power Barrow available for hire from Didcot PlantJust arrived and added to the fleet today is a new Hi-Tip Power barrow, an Hinowa HS701.

At just 758mm wide and with a carrying capability of 700kg you can get a lot done in a tight space with this skip loading mini dumper, especially when hired in conjunction with a Kubota K008-3 mini excavator.

Two More Diggers

Kubota Mini Excavator available for hire from Didcot PlantIn the past two weeks we have purchased a Kubota KX015-4 1.5t and a Kubota K008-3 0.8t mini excavator, two sizes of machine that are always in great demand.

The KX015 is just 990mm wide and is the ideal choice for many small jobs, but where access is even tighter the K008 at just 750mm wide (with the tracks in – 860mm when out) comes into play.

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