Kubota KX015-4 Operating Instructions

Safety Features

Safety devices

Before starting the excavator, all safety devices must be installed properly and operational. No manipulation of safety devices. e.g. the shortening of limit switches, is allowed.

Protective devices may only be removed after

  • the excavator is standing still and the engine is stopped
  • and secured against restarting (starter switch in STOP position and key removed).

Locking the controls

The control levers (3 and 6 – photo below left) on the right and left, the drive levers (2), the boom swing pedal (1), and the dozer control lever (5) are not operational when the console (7) is raised. This circumstance allows safe getting on and off. The console is unlocked and raised with the control lever lock (4).

Engine stop knob

The engine is turned off when the starter switch (2 – figure above right) is switched in position STOP.

If the engine cannot be turned off, please operate the engine stop knob switch in order to turn off the engine.

To stop the engine:

  • Pull the knob (1 – figure above right) until the engine the stops.
  • After the engine has stopped, push in the knob.


Figure showing the dimensions of the Kubota KX015-4 Mini Excavator


All dimensions in mm with original KUBOTA bucket and rubber crawlers

A 450 K 2330
B 510 L 240
C 990 M 230
D 1070 N 1090
E 990 O 1450
F 3360 P 1090
G 2290 Q 160
H 2250 R 3710
I 1810 S 3730
J 1490 T 3790

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