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Brush Cutter (2 stroke)

Hire Rates

One Day £39.00 £46.80
Extra Days £9.75 £11.70
Weekend £43.88 £52.65
Week £65.00 £78.00

Fuel, insurance, transport & vat charges may also apply - contact us for a full quote

If you haven't hired from us since January 2017 we require two forms of ID before you hire.

If you are an individual:

  • A current photo ID (driving license or passport)
  • A document that confirms your home address (utility bill, bank statement, insurance document, V5C vehicle log book or other similarly official document)

If you are hiring as a company:

  • Two documents that confirm your company's address (utility bill, bank statement, insurance document or other similarly official documents)

These can be presented in person at our trade counter (where we will take scans to attach to your account) or emailed to info@didcotplant.co.uk.


The 2-stroke Stihl Brush Cutter weighs 8kg and comes with a choice of three different cutting tool options. A full 'comfort' harness and safety kit is supplied as part of the hire. The 0.6 litre fuel tank is supplied full. Extra 2-stroke fuel can be purchased as either ready mixed fuel or oil to be added to your petrol.

For health & safety advice on hand-arm vibration please see Hand-Arm Vibration in the Workplace and Hand-Arm Vibration Emission Values.

Additional costs associated with this item

  • Insurance
  • Fuel