Featured Equipment: Thwaites 1-tonne Hi-Tip Dumper

11th October 2009

Our most popular dumper and therefore the dumper that we own the most of is the Thwaites 1-tonne Hi-Tip Dumper.

With its combination of narrow design and ability to load skips directly the Thwaites 1-tonne is an extremely versatile dumper.

At just 1115mm wide there are few sites it cannot access. It is four wheel drive, has hydrostatic drive and hydraulically assisted power steering.

The skip has a discharge height of 1.6m when raised. It has a carrying capacity of 1000kg in weight, 500 litres of heaped material or 400 litres struck.

Thwaites 1-tonne Hi-Tip Dumpers can be found in the Dumpers section of our catalogue.