Featured Equipment: Rotavators

3rd October 2009

Honda TillerOnce the weather starts to improve and the gardening season arrives each year we become busy hiring out our many items of gardening equipment and in particular rotavators.

Our rotavator range starts with the Honda Tiller, which is also our most popular rotavator. It is perfect for small to medium sized areas such as back gardens and allotments and can handle firm conditions.

Moving up the scale you get to the Barreto 9hp hydraulic rotavator. Like the Camon C8 this is a wheel driven machine but has the added power of the hydraulic drive, which enables it to handle difficult ground conditions.

But for the toughest of jobs, be they hard ground or large area, the Barreto 13hp hydraulic rotavator is the ultimate wheel driven machine. Its combination of weight (255kg), 13hp engine and hydraulic drive make it a formidable rotavator.

Our range of rotavators can be found in the Gardening & Landscaping section of our catalogue.