Didcot Plant News October 2002

5th October 2002

Making the Earth Move

Photo of Thwaites 6-tonne Alldrive Dumper and Honda Powered WheelbarrowIt’s the little and large show of earth moving this October with the purchase of a Thwaites 6-tonne Alldrive Dumper and a Honda Powered Wheelbarrow.

At the larger end of the scale, the Thwaites 6-tonne Alldrive Dumper boasts a Perkins 1000 series 4-cylinder turbocharged water-cooled engine providing 90 bhp.

The generous skip will handle a maximum load of 6000 kg or 34000 litres heaped. The struck capacity is 2525 litres.

It is fitted with torque converter 4 speed forward and reverse powershuttle transmission with column mounted directional control. At 16.5mph in fourth gear it is no slouch.

Perfect for the smaller job, the Honda Powered Wheelbarrow provides material carrying capability in a more portable package.

With a width of just 650mm there are few places that the Honda ‘Barrow will not go. And at 500 kg per trip it beats trudging back and forth with a conventional wheelbarrow.

The Power ‘Barrow’s Hydrostatic Speed Control means that acceleration is always smooth and its low centre of gravity provides for superb stability. It is also an exceptionally safe machine to use, with Deadman’s controls on both handles.

The 6-tonne dumper is available for hire at £200 per week + vat and the Power ‘Barrow at £90 per week + vat.

View the range of Dumpers in our hire catalogue

Turf Jobs Tackled

Photo of Garden Master Turf CuttersThe Garden Master Turf Cutter makes removing turf easy and hiring one is just as simple following the September addition of two more to the hire fleet.

Fitted with a 5.5hp Honda engine The Garden Master Turf Cutter will cut a strip of turf 12″ wide.

The Garden Master Turf Cutter is available for hire at £40 for a day + vat or £80 per week + vat.

These Boots Were Made for Working

We have the boots to suit at Didcot Plant with the availability of Briggs and Tuf safety footwear.

In today’s working climate the correct safety footwear is not just a good idea but a necessity. Finding a style, therefore, that is both comfortable and effective is crucial.

Photo of Briggs BootsThe Briggs range of Himalayan boots are just the job. The 3500 and 3501 (3501 shown bottom left) have full grain waxy leather uppers and a rubber sole that is resistant to 300 degrees C. The 4001 (shown bottom right) has a combination of waxy leather and nylon uppers and as well as the heat resistant sole is fitted with a rubber anti-scuff mudguard

The whole range of boots boasts steel toe-caps, oil resistant soles, chemical and solvent resistant soles, acid resistant soles, anti-slip soles and are water proof.

Briggs boots confirm to EN345 and EN346 standards.

To compliment the Briggs range we also stock the Tuf P4004B boot and the Dr Marten Dealer boot. Our biggest seller over the years the P4004B is an exceptionally comfortable lightweight boot.

We also have in stock at all times safety wellingtons and a full range of personal protective equipment.

All of the boots mentioned above retail at £45 + vat except for the wellingtons whcih are £13.50 + vat. Not mentioned but also available are rigger boots at £30 + vat.