Didcot Plant News November 2004

1st November 2004

Clean Up This Autumn

Photo of Karcher Puzzi 200 carpet cleanerClean up this Autumn with one of our new Karcher Puzzi 200 carpet cleaners. Four new units arrived in October.

The Puzzi 200 is well built but surprisingly light-weight and is ideal for domestic jobs.

Its simple design makes it easy to use allowing the operator to get on with the job in hand.

To complement the Karcher Puzzi 200 we stock the ‘4 in 1’ cleaning solution.

The Puzzi 200 is available for hire at £20 + vat for a day or £25.20 + vat for a weekend. The 4 in 1 cleaning solution is available at £5.25 + vat per litre.

Carpet Cleaners can be found in the Vacuum Cleaners, Carpet Clearners & Floor Polishers section of our hire catalogue.

Vac Slab Lifter

Photo of Probst VPH150 Vacuum Slab LifterSolve your slab handling problems with the Probst VPH150 Vacuum Slab Lifter.

Originally introduced to the hire fleet back in February, a second unit was purchased in October.

This ingenious two man device is powered by a rechargeable 12v battery and can lift slabs weighing up to 150kg with the large pad or 75kg with the small pad.

The Probst Slab Lifter is available for hire at £80 per week + vat.

The Slab Lifter can be found in the Lifting Equipment & Materials Handling section of our hire catalogue.

Skip it!

Photo of Thwaites Hi-Tip dumperTwo more Thwaites Hi-Tip dumpers arrived in October from Stanton Harcourt dealers, Leach Lewis.

With a variable discharge height of 1.6m this 1115mm wide dumper comfortably clears the side of a 6-yard skip and can go where other four wheel drive dumpers cannot.

The Thwaites Hi-Tip is available for hire at £170 per week + vat.

See the Dumpers section of our hire catalogue

Leaf Blower/Vacs

Photo of leaf blower and leaf blower/vacuumAn ideal tool for this time of year is the leaf blower and the leaf blower/vacuum.

The blower vacuum shreds the leaves before collecting in the bag supplied and the result can be used as mulch.

The Leaf blower and blower/vac are available for hire at £25 + vat for a day or £31.50 + vat for a weekend.

Leaf Blowers can be found in the Gardening & Landscaping section of our hire catalogue.

Photo of Didcot Plant shopDidcot Plant Sales – November 2004

At Didcot Plant we stock a wide range of sales and consumables items catering to the construction and building industries as well as to the DIY market.

We offer the convenience of singularly priced items as well as discounts for quantity and can offer a delivery service for larger orders.

Diamond Blades

Available from our tool shop in a wide variety of sizes to suit all requirements:

Photo of a Diamond Blade

Size Price
4″ Standard £12.50 + vat
4 1/2″ Standard £15.00 + vat
5″ Standard £17.50 + vat
5″ Mortar Raker £56.00 + vat
9″ Standard £25.00 + vat
9″ Curve Cut £85.00 + vat
12″ Standard £50.00 + vat
12″ Hard Materials £75.00 + vat
12″ Multi Cut £125.00 + vat
12″ Duo Set (2) £99.00 + vat

Photo of our range of boots

Style Price
Himalayan Rigger £45.00 + vat
Him. Gaucho £45.00 + vat
Dr Martin Dealer £45.00 + vat
Tuf £45.00 + vat
Tan Rigger £45.00 + vat
Scan Chukka £19.99 + vat
Dickies Brander II £45.00 + vat
Safety Wellies £13.50 + vat