Didcot Plant News July 2003

5th July 2003

New 008s Licensed to Dig

Photo of Kubota K-008-3 mini excavatorYou’ll be stirred but not shaken by the new Kubota K-008-3 mini excavator. Five new machines, providing the one-two punch of power combined with portability, arrived from Leach Lewis Plant during June.

Since its introduction to the hire fleet in 1997 the 0.8-tonne Kubota K-008 mini excavator has become one of our most popular machines and with the improvements made to the latest model this popularity can only increase.

The ability to squeeze through narrow gaps is one of the K-008’s strongest features and with the new model the overall width has been reduced 50mm to 750mm. Once through the gap the tracks can be hydraulically adjusted out to 860mm for greater stability.

Driver comfort has also been addressed with the provision for increased legroom and an improved slewing control design makes switching from 180 to 360 degrees instantaneous.

The powerful water-cooled three cylinder Kubota engine is state of the art providing highly efficient combustion which results in a reduction to exhaust emissions, noise and vibration. It has been repositioned under the canopy to allow for easier access to all the daily checks.

The Kubota K-008-3 is available for hire at £200 per week + vat.

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Bannerman Aerator

Photo of Bannerman BA-4 Lawn AeratorThe Bannerman BA-4 Lawn Aerator was a new addition to the hire fleet in June and joins an ever expanding range of gardening equipment.

The Bannerman BA-4 is a commercial grade self-propelled, walk behind aerator. Its use encourages deeper root growth by increasing the supply of oxygen to the root zone, resulting in healthier grass.

The compact size of the BA-4 allows for easy and safe use in confined areas and less operator fatigue. The tine reel assemblies produce smooth operation with more holes per square metre and ballast wight bars maintain maximum penetration and balance.

The Bannerman Aerator is available for hire at £70 per week + vat.

The Lawn Aerator can be found in the Gardening & Landscaping section of our hire catalogue.

New Dumper …

Photo of Thwaites Alldrive 6-Tonne Dumper, PAL22 Automatic Level, and Volvo EC15BXR DiggersThe dumper fleet has been boosted at the heavier end with the arrival of a new Thwaites Alldrive 6-Tonne, supplied by Leach Lewis Plant.

The impressive Alldrive 6-Tonne boasts the Perkins 1000 series, 4 cylinder water-cooled diesel engine for superior performance and noise levels. It can reach a top speed of 16.5 mph.

All service points to the engine are easily accessible via a lockable three sided cover.

The transmission is torque converter 4 speed forward and reverse with column-mounted directional control.

The Alldrive 6-Tonne is available for hire at £200 per week + vat.

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… Dumpy …

The PAL22 Automatic Level is the modern equivalent of the ‘dumpy’ level.

A precision optical level with x22 magnification and accuracy of 1/16″ over 150′. Its working range of 300′ means it is ideal for landscaping, building and construction, foundations, excavation and roadwork.

It comes with a telescopic tripod, 5m staff and case.

The PAL22 Automatic Level is available for hire at £50 per week + vat.

… and Diggers

The recent upgrading of the 1.5-Tonne mini excavator fleet has seen the arrival of four new Volvo EC15BXR’s.

This latest version of the ever popular EC15 model has been designed with an emphasis on performance, comfort and safety.

The EC15BXR features the new load-sensing system that maintains the speed of hydraulic movements irrespective of the load and number of movements being used. This system also allows for different machine movements to be combined at the same time.

Power is nothing without control and the power-assisted levers enable the most delicate of work to be carried out with equal success.

Operator comfort has been addressed with a spacious and ergonomically designed cab area while safety has been stressed with a strong canopy providing both FOPS (Falling Object Protection Structure) and ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) protection.

The EC15BXR is available at £200 per week + vat.

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