Didcot Plant News August 2007

1st August 2007

New Stihl TS410s Join Fleet

Stihl TS410 12inch disc cutterIn June we took the decision to start buying the new Stihl TS410 12″ disc cutters and the first five were put in to action in the first week in July.

More saws will be phased in over the coming months, eventually replacing the existing fleet of Partner disc cutters.

With its latest enhancements we feel that Stihl now offers the superior cutter and, as ever, it is our aim to provide you with the best kit.

The TS410 offers some distinct advantages:

More compact:
Its light, compact design and low weight makes the TS410 easy to use and extremely robust.

Easier to use:
The improved, strength-saving anti-vibration system and ergonomic design make hand-held cutting easier than ever.

Easier to service:
The innovative filter system with cyclone air routing delivers optimal performance while reducing maintenance costs.

More efficient:
Uncompromising top STIHL quality means a long service life even under the most demanding working conditions.

Better for the environment:
The TS410 leads by example with its reduced exhaust emissions, setting the standard for the rest of the industry.

The Stihl TS410 disc cutter can be hired at £35 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

The Stihl TS410 is available from the Saws & Sawbenches section of our hire catalogue.

Website Search Facility Makes Finding Process Easier

Didcot Plant Hire Catalogue search screenAdded to our online hire catalogue at www.didcotplant.co.uk in July was the ability to search for equipment by name.

By simply typing in things like ‘dumper’ or ‘plate’ or ‘breaker’ and clicking search (or hitting the return key) you get all the matching information on one page.

New Ride-on Rough-cut Mower

Ride-on rough-cut mowerA new addition to our range in July was the Grillo Climber CL780 ride-on rough-cut mower.

The CL780 has a unique low centre of gravity design with central weight distribution and differential locking capability to let you mow in the trickiest of locations. It is designed to mow safely up and down slopes up to 33 degrees and up to 17 degrees across slopes, even on difficult and slippery terrain. It has a cutting width of 780mm and will cut down grass, weeds and brush up to 1m tall.

The Grillo Climber CL780 ride-on rough-cut mower can be hired at £150 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

The Grillo Climber CL780 is available from the Gardening & Landscaping section of our hire catalogue.

Extra Versatile Trailer Added

Ifor Williams GD105G TrailerAfter the popularity of the first Ifor Williams GD105G 10′ x 5′ general purpose trailer bought in May, we have added a second one to the hire fleet.

It is a versatile trailer that can be used for many applications including haulage of machinery and materials.

The GD105G trailer features a loading ramp and ladder rack. The framework is galvanized for maximum durability and the bed is made of hard wearing resin-coated high density plywood.

The Ifor Williams GD105G general purpose trailer is available for hire at £75 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

View the full range of trailers in our hire catalogue

Then There Were Eleven

Thwaites 1-tonne Hi-Tip dumperWe thought that ten would be enough to keep up with demand but we were wrong, so in July we bought yet another of the excellent Thwaites 1-tonne Hi-Tip Dumpers.

It probably won’t be too much longer before we make it a round dozen.

The Thwaites 1-tonne measures just 1115mm wide and gives a discharge height of 1.6m. It can safely carry up to 1000kg in weight, 500 litres of heaped material of 400 litres struck.

The Thwaites 1-tonne Hi-Tip dumper can be hired at £170 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

The Thwaites 1-tonne Hi-Tip can be found in the Dumpers section of our hire catalogue.

Carpet Dryer

Carpet dryerA brand new item for us in July was the Carpet Dryer.

It can be set up in one of four positions and has three speeds. The Carpet Dryer’s main use is following a water leak or flood but they could also be used following the use of a carpet clearner to speed up the drying process.

The Carpet Dryer can be hired at £40 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

For the Carpet Dryer please view the Heaters, Building Dryers & Air Conditioners section of our hire catalogue.