Didcot Plant News April 2007

1st April 2007

Road Plates Join Our Range

New to our range this month are GRP Road Plates and Trench Covers.

Road Plates have traditionally been made out of steel which made them very heavy and difficult to handle but these new products are made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and are a fraction of the weight of their steel equivalents. Despite being much lighter they do not lose any of their strength either.

Heavy Duty Road Plate

The Heavy Duty Plate measures 1400mm x 1400mm and weights 47kg, making it suitable for two men to carry. It will support cars and loaded HGVs travelling across road openings and trenches with a maximum width of 700mm. Each of the four edges is chamfered to minimise potential tyre damage.

Light Duty Trench Cover

The Trench Cover is designed for lighter uses where nothing heavier than a car will be passing over the opening (max. 700mm width). It measures 1200mm x 1000mm and weighs just 16kg making it a comfortable one man carry.

The GRP Road Plates can be hired at £25 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

The GRP Trench Covers can be hired at £10 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

Road Plates are available from the Access & Support Equipment section of our hire catalogue.

Two New 9hp Rotavators Ready for Spring

Last month we purchased two more of the excellent Barreto 9HP hydraulic rotavators ready for the gardening season.

Barreto 9HP hydraulic rotavatorsThe last model is the 916 and Barreto have added a couple of new features to the previous version. One new feature is that the 916 has an adjustable handlebar that also pivots to the side, allowing the operator to walk beside the tiller and avoid walking on freshly tilled earth.

As with the previous design the 916 retains the all-hydraulic technology that dispenses with the need for belts, chains or gears. It also makes the 916 a powerful rotavator than can handle a variety of ground conditions.

The Barreto 916 can be hired at £95 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

Rotavators can be found in the Gardening & Landscaping section of our hire catalogue.

Another 5-tonner Arrives!

Volvo EC55 5-tonne excavatorIn March we added a fifth Volvo EC55 5-tonne excavator to the hire fleet as demand for this excellent machine grows and grows.

As with all our larger machines it is fitted with ‘quick-hitch’.

Our range of excavators starts at 0.8-tonne and includes 1.5-tonne, 3.0-tonne, 3.5-tonne, 5.0-tonne and 8.0-tonne machines.

Hydraulic breakers are available for the 1.5-tonne, 3.0-tonne, 3.5-tonne and 5.0-tonne machines.

The Volvo EC55 can be hired at £490 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

5-tonne excavators are available from the Excavators section of our hire catalogue.

Skip Loading Barrows Back in Stock

TCP Hi-T500 skip loading power barrowsTwo more TCP Hi-T500 skip loading power barrows have just arrived bringing our fleet to six.

These additions should help fulfil the amazing demand we have seen for them over the past three months. This demand meant that during March we were not able to supply every potential order we had for one. Hopefully these new arrivals will keep us ahead of the demand.

The TCP Hi-T500 can be hired at £150 per week (less applicable discount) + vat.

For Skip Loading Power Barrows view the Dumpers section of our hire catalogue.