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Plumbing & Drainage Equipment

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Plumbing Equipment

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All prices are subject to VAT
Central Heating Power FlusherCentral Heating Power Flusher60.0015.0067.50100.00
Copper Pipe Bender 15/22mm (Hand Held)Copper Pipe Bender 15/22mm (Hand Held)9.002.2510.1315.00
Copper Pipe Bender 15/22/28mm (Stand)Copper Pipe Bender 15/22/28mm (Stand)18.004.5020.2530.00
Pipe Vice & Tripod StandPipe Vice & Tripod Stand12.003.0013.5020.00
Pipe Freezer Kit, electricPipe Freezer Kit, electric36.009.0040.5060.00
Ridgid Manual Hand ThreaderRidgid Manual Hand Threader15.003.7516.8825.00
Stilson Wrench 14"/18"/24"Stilson Wrench 14"/18"/24"4.801.205.408.00
Stilson Wrench 36"Stilson Wrench 36"
Chain Wrench 21"Chain Wrench 21"7.201.808.1012.00
Basin WrenchBasin Wrench4.801.205.408.00
Blow Lamp (LPG)Blow Lamp (LPG)9.002.2510.1315.00
Manhole Keys (Pair)Manhole Keys (Pair)4.801.205.408.00
Clay Pipe Cutter 4/6" (Manual)Clay Pipe Cutter 4/6" (Manual)9.002.2510.1315.00
Stand Pipe, Tap & KeyStand Pipe, Tap & Key7.201.808.1012.00
Rothenberger RP50 Pressure TesterRothenberger RP50 Pressure Tester21.005.2523.6335.00

Drainage Equipment

Hire Item One Day Extra Days Weekend WeekReserve/
All prices are subject to VAT
Drain Rods per set of 10Drain Rods per set of 106.001.506.7510.00
Drain Scoop/Sewer CleanerDrain Scoop/Sewer Cleaner9.002.2510.1315.00
Drain 'U' Test Gauge setDrain 'U' Test Gauge set9.002.2510.1315.00
Drain Plug 100mmDrain Plug 100mmMinimumweek-4.00
Drain Plug 150mmDrain Plug 150mmMinimumweek-5.00
Drain Plug 225mmDrain Plug 225mmMinimumweek-6.00
Drain Plug 300mmDrain Plug 300mmMinimumweek-10.00
Drain Plug 450mmDrain Plug 450mmMinimumweek-15.00
Drain Plug 525mmDrain Plug 525mmMinimumweek-20.00
Drain Air Bag 100mmDrain Air Bag 100mmMinimumweek-5.00
Drain Air Bag 150mmDrain Air Bag 150mmMinimumweek-6.00
Drain Air Bag 225mmDrain Air Bag 225mmMinimumweek-8.00
Drain Air Bag PumpDrain Air Bag PumpMinimumweek-8.00
Drain Jetting Kit (for use with Pressure Washer)Drain Jetting Kit (for use with Pressure Washer)36.009.0040.5060.00
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