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Gardening & Landscaping

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Gardening & Landscaping

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Brush Cutter (2 Stroke)Brush Cutter (2 Stroke)30.007.5033.7550.00
Chipper/Shredder (Petrol)Chipper/Shredder (Petrol)54.0013.5060.7590.00
Earth Auger manual 4", 6", 9" & 12"Earth Auger manual 4", 6", 9" & 12"9.002.2510.1315.00
Earth Auger, 1 man engine drivenEarth Auger, 1 man engine driven36.009.0040.5060.00
Earth Auger, 2 man engine drivenEarth Auger, 2 man engine driven42.0010.5047.2570.00
Flame Gun - Single Burner (LPG)Flame Gun - Single Burner (LPG)9.002.2510.1315.00
Flame Gun - Double Burner (LPG)Flame Gun - Double Burner (LPG)12.003.0013.5020.00
Flame Gun - Three/Four Burner (LPG)Flame Gun - Three/Four Burner (LPG)15.003.7516.8825.00
Garden Roller (Water Fill)Garden Roller (Water Fill)12.003.0013.5020.00
Hedge Trimmer (2 stroke) - 24"/30"Hedge Trimmer (2 stroke) - 24"/30"24.006.0027.0040.00
Hedge Trimmer - Long Reach (2 stroke)Hedge Trimmer - Long Reach (2 stroke)30.007.5033.7550.00
Lawn Aerator (Petrol)Lawn Aerator (Petrol)60.0015.0067.50100.00
Lawn Mower - 20" RotaryLawn Mower - 20" Rotary24.006.0027.0040.00
Lawn Scarifier (Petrol) - John Deere D45CLawn Scarifier (Petrol) - John Deere D45C48.0012.0054.0080.00
Leaf Blower (2 Stroke)Leaf Blower (2 Stroke)30.007.5033.7550.00
Leaf Blower/Vacuum (2 Stroke)Leaf Blower/Vacuum (2 Stroke)30.007.5033.7550.00
Post Driver (manual)Post Driver (manual)12.003.0013.5020.00
Rotavator Tiller - Honda 5hpRotavator Tiller - Honda 5hp42.0010.5047.2570.00
Rotavator - Barreto 9hp HydraulicRotavator - Barreto 9hp Hydraulic60.0015.0067.50100.00
Rotavator - Barreto 13hp HydraulicRotavator - Barreto 13hp Hydraulic90.0022.50101.25150.00
Seed/Fertilizer DistributorSeed/Fertilizer Distributor12.003.0013.5020.00
Stump GrinderStump Grinder90.0022.50101.25150.00
Turf Cutter/LifterTurf Cutter/Lifter60.0015.0067.50100.00
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