A Busy Year

25th January 2008

Matthew Tarrant - Didcot Plant DirectorFirstly, I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2008.

2007 was an amazing year for us at Didcot Plant. It was our most successful year to date and one where we put the foundations in place for even greater success down the line.

But if 2007 is to be remembered for one thing only it would have to be for the unprecedented amount of investment we put into the hire fleet. This investment included amongst other things ten new excavators and twelve new dumpers. Our policy in ’07 was to feed demand and to grow the hire fleet to be in a position to serve every potential order. This meant branching into some new areas and offering the widest range of equipment we have ever offered. We made considerable effort in ’07 to listen to what our customers wanted and to react to what we heard. This policy will continue in 2008. If we consider a hire line to be manageable and suitably profitable we will add it to our range.

2007 saw some big changes to the way we market ourselves with major emphasis put on our website. www.didcotplant.co.uk enjoyed a major face lift in ’07 and continued to receive improvements throughout the year. The most important aspect of the website is the catalogue and this area received the most attention with the inclusion of photographs and additional specification information. A system allowing for online ordering and quoting was also activated making the catalogue more than just an online inventory.

Looking ahead to 2008 I can see another fruitful year for us and our clients. We are committed to continue offering a superb all-round plant and tool hire service, with the emphasis on service. In an age when levels of service seem to be decreasing we will continue to make it a priority.

Matthew Tarrant